Diwali recipes | Karnataka style diwali or deepavali recipes | Diwali sweet recipes | Diwali snacks recipes

Diwali or Deepavali (this is how it is called in Karnataka) is a very popular festival of India. It is also celebrated with joy and happiness across Indian state of Karnataka. It is a festival of lamps or diyas. People will prepare a lot of snacks and sweets. They will light the lamps, burst the crackers and they will buy new clothes as well.

happy deepavali recipesIn Karnataka Deepavali is celebrated for 3 days. First day is Naraka chaturdashi, second day is Lakshmi pooje and the third day is bali padyami. In some parts of Karanataka Ayudhapooja and Gopooja (worshipping cows) are also in practice. We have listed few dishes here, which are generally prepared during Deepavali festival. There is no hard and fast rule. So you are free to visit our snacks and sweets section and prepare whatever dish you feel like. Wish you all happy Deepavali.

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Carrot halwa is a popular Indian dessert and is very easy to prepare. In this post carrot halwa recipe is explained with step by step pictures. Carrot is cooked using pressure cooker, which makes the whole process simple and hassle free. Also this carrot halwa recipe needs very less milk but tastes great!!....[Read more »]