Nagara panchami recipes | Recipes and dishes for nagara panchami festival | Karnataka recipes for naaga panchami

Nagara panchami or Naga panchami is an auspicious day to perform Naga Pooja. Naagara Panchami is a Hindu festival celebrated by Hindus in most parts of India. It is celebrated on 5th day of Shravana month or Shravana maasa. On this day, they worship Naaga (Cobras). People go to temples and snake pits and they worship the snakes. They offer milk to the Cobras. Turmeric and yellow flowers are used in the pooja and are considered as precious.

It is believed that rice dishes and laddus are liked by Naaga devatha. So people will offer varieties of dishes like halbai, kadubu, ladoo (unde), arishina ele kadubu, ellu panchakajjaya etc., The dishes or recipes prepared on Nagara panchami varies from region to region. Below you can find some of the recipes, which are prepared in different parts of Karnataka to celebrate Nagara panchami. Wish you all a very happy Nagara panchami.

Halbai recipe | How to make halubai | Rice halwa recipe

Halbai or halubai recipe explained with step by step pictures. Halbai is a kind of rice halwa or rice cake prepared using rice, jaggery and coconut. In this halu bai recipe little cucumber also added to get added flavour and taste. Halbai or halubai is a very healthy food and is generally prepared on Nagara panchami, a hindu festival....[Read more »]