Karnataka style Beverages | Juice and milkshake recipes from Karnataka

Ellu juice recipe | Til juice | Sesame seeds milkshake

Ellu juice or sesame seeds milkshake recipe explained with step by step pictures. Ellu juice is prepared using sesame seeds, jaggery and milk. This is a very easy and tasty juice. Even though its a milkshake it is popular by name juice. Chilled ellu juice or sesame seeds milkshake is prepared and sold in many shops in Karavali region of Karnataka....[Read more »]

Spicy buttermilk | Masale majjige

Spicy Buttermilk or Masale majjige is a refreshing summer drink. It also aids in digestion. It is made with plain yogurt, green chili, coriander leaves and ginger. Explained here with step by step pictures....[Read more »]

Bellada panaka | Jaggery juice

Bellada Panaka translates to jaggery juice in Kannada language. In Telugu language they call it as Panakam. This Bellada panaka is usually prepared and served with kosambari on Sri Rama Navami, a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Lord Rama. ...[Read more »]