Thambuli recipes | Thambli recipes | Tambli recipes | Karnataka style raita recipes

Thambli or tambli or thambuli recipes are explained here. These are all Karnataka style Thambli or tambli recipes. These type of thamblis are prepared across Karavali and Malnad region of Karnataka. Few curd based salads and raita recipes are also explained here. Few mosaru bajii and pachadi recipes are also included. Thambli or thambuli is derived from the word thampada + huli. Thampada translates to "cold" and huli is a general name for gravy recipes in Kannada language.

Potato raita recipe | How to make potato mosaru bajji

Potato salad or Aloogadde mosaru bajji can be served as a side dish for rice or ricebath. This salad is prepared using potato, curd and spices. Use of raw asafoetida enhances the taste of potato salad. Learn how to make simple and very tasty potato salad or aloo-mosaru-bajji.....[Read more »]