How to make thick curd at home | Home made curd recipe | Tips to make curd at home

By Latha on January 23rd, 2016

how to make thick curd at home

Learn how to make thick curd at home. Home made curd is pure, easy to make and much tastier. In our community making curd is a daily process and without curd or buttermilk lunch or dinner is considered as incomplete. This post is for those who have trouble in making curd at home. Making curd at home is very easy and if you learn it properly then you will stop buying curd from shops. We have also posted how to make ghee, how to make sprouts and how to make soft paneer recipes. Do not forget to check them as well. Because it is very easy to make curd, ghee, sprouts and paneer etc., at home.

How to make thick curd at home

Instructions for making curd at home

  1. To make curd at home first bring milk to boil without adding any water. If you feel the milk is watery continue boiling it for few minutes. Always boil the milk just before making the curd because there is a good chance that the milk gets spoiled during the fermentation process. boiling milk to make curd at home
  2. Wait until the milk is warm. Please note that the milk should neither be hot nor be cold. Now amount of curd to be added varies depending on the climate condition and the quality of milk. If you are living in a cold place or if you are using processed milk then add 2 tsp of curd and mix well. Otherwise use 1 tsp of curd and mix well. making curd at home
  3. Now close the lid and leave it for 6-7 hours. Again the time varies depending on the amount of curd used and the climate. During this time make sure that you dont shake it or mix it till the curd is set. But if you add more curd or if you allow it to ferment for more time then it will turn soar. So if you have followed all the steps properly after 6-7 hours you will get thick home made to make thick curd

Dear reader, We have a Kannada version of this recipe. Click here to read this recipe in Kannada.

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