Vara mahalakshmi festival recipes | Recipes and dishes for varamahalakshmi vrata | Karnataka recipes for varamahalakshmi vratha

Vara mahalakhsmi pooja or vrata is the Hindu festival and is an auspicious day to worship Godess Lakshmi. Vara mahalakshmi vrata or vratam is celebrated on second Friday of Shravana maasa. Godess Lakshmi is the "Godess of wealth and prosperity". Worshipping Godess Lakshmi during Shravana maasa or month is highly auspicious and worshipping Godess Lakshmi on Varamahalakshmi day is similar to worshipping Ashta lakshmi.

The recipes and pooja (or celebration) varies from region to region. Varamahalakshmi vrata or Varamalaxmi vrat is celebrated throughout India and is very popular in southern states.

Godess lakshmi loves sweet dishes. I have listed few recipes, which are generally prepared on Varamahalakshmi day across different regions of Karnataka. Celebrate varamahalakshmi with these easy and yummy sweet dishes.

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