Eerulli gida thambli recipe | How to make spring onion tambli | Eerulli gidada thambuli | Spring onion raita

By Latha on July 31st, 2017

eerulli gida thambli or spring onion tambli

Spring onion thambli or eerulli gidada tambli recipe explained with step by step pictures. Spring onion thambuli or raita is prepared using spring onion tambli, curd, coconut and some minimal spices. Spring onion thambli is a simple recipe and tastes very good with rice.

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, thambuli is a curd or yoghurt based gravy recipe, and is served as a first coarse in a multi coarse meal. And thambli or thambuli is "Thampada Huli", which translates to "cold sambar" in Kannada language.

You can also use spring onion in fried rice, gobi manchurian, baby corn manchurian and pasta recipes. Spring onion or eerulli gidada thambli is full of onion flavor and tastes very good. It is very healthy also.

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Spring onion thambli recipe

Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 5 min
Serves: 4

Ingredients: (measuring cup used = 240ml)

  1. 1 small bunch spring onion or eerulli gida
  2. 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
  3. 1/2 tsp pepper
  4. 1/2 cup grated coconut
  5. 1 cup curd or yoghurt
  6. 1/2 red chili
  7. 2 tsp cooking oil / ghee
  8. 1/4 tsp mustard seeds
  9. Salt as per your taste.

Instructions for making spring onion thambli:

  1. Clean and chop spring onions.chop spring onions for spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli
  2. Heat a frying pan. Add oil ghee, cumin seeds and pepper.cumin seeds for spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli
  3. When the cumin seed splutters, add in chopped spring onions.spring onion for spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli
  4. Fry until soft and switch off the stove.fried spring onion for spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli
  5. Grind fried ingredients and coconut it into a smooth paste using required water.coconut for spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli
  6. Transfer it to a bowl. Add in whisked curd and salt. Also add in water as per your desired consistency.curd and salt for spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli
  7. Temper it with oil, mustard seeds and red chili. Serve it with rice, dosa or idli. tempering spring onion thambli or eerulli gida tambli

Dear reader, We have a Kannada version of this recipe. Click here to read this recipe in Kannada.

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