Belada hannina panaka | How to make wood apple juice | Belada hannina juice

By Latha on March 22nd, 2018

belada hannina panaka, wood apple juice

Belada hannina panaka or wood apple juice recipe explained with step by step pictures. Belada hannina panaka or juice is prepared using wood apple, jaggery, pepper and cardamom. Belada hannina juice or panaka is very common during the hindu festival Ram navami.

In other languages Panaka is familiar by name panakam. This belada hannina panaka or wood apple juice is usually prepared and distributed on Hindu festival Shri rama navami. Along with panaka, many more dishes are prepared like plain panaka, kosambari, masale majjige, oggarane majjige and kadlebele kosambari recipes. Shri Ram Navami is a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Lord Rama. You can find all rama navami recipes here.

Jaggery is a rich source of iron and it has lots of health benefits. And wood apples are great for digestion. Beleda hannu or wood apple is rich in nutrients and a great source of fibre, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, protein, iron and beta-carotene. Due to these reasons wood apple or bael fruit is a must have fruit. So overall this is a very healthy juice. May be that's the reason this juice is prepared and distributed.

Recipe is very simple and you can prepare it in no time. You can find more juice and beverages recipes here.

Belada hannina panaka recipe

Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 0 min
Serves: 10

Ingredients required: (measuring cup used = 240ml)

  1. 4 cup water
  2. 1 wood apple or belada hannu
  3. 4 tbsp powdered jaggery (or as per your taste
  4. 1/4 tsp pepper powder
  5. 1/4 tsp cardamom powder

Instructions for making belada hannina panaka:

  1. Take one wood apple or belada hannu.wood apple for belada hannina panaka or wood apple juice
  2. Cut it open by hitting it hard. Just like how you break the coconut. And then scoop out the flesh.cut wood apple for belada hannina panaka or wood apple juice
  3. Now squeeze it nicely by adding enough water. And then strain it. Use a spoon and keep mixing for better straining. After that add in powdered jaggery and mix it well. You can add crushed pepper and cardamom now itself. I have added it in the next step.straining for belada hannina panaka or wood apple juice
  4. Next pour it into the glass and top it with a pinch of pepper powder and a pinch of cardamom powder. Serve and enjoy.pepper and cardamom for belada hannina panaka or wood apple juice

Dear reader, We have a Kannada version of this recipe. Click here to read this recipe in Kannada.

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