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By Latha on April 16th, 2017

siridhanya neer dose

Millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose recipe explained with step by step pictures. Millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose is a very healthy breakfast recipe. Siridhanya neer dosa is prepared using rice, beaten rice and coconut.

You can learn more about types and benefits of millets using this post. And you can find many millet recipes also on this website.

This dosa is very similar to neer dosa. I have explained neer dosa in detail with a quick video. So go through that post once. If you have already prepared neer dosa, then preparing siridhanya dosa is much easier for you.

Siridhanya or millets dosa tastes just like "rice neer dosa". But they will turn a bit hard when they are cool. If you are looking for more dosa recipes then do check our set dosa, curd dosa, masala dosa, davangere benne dosa, ridgegourd dosa, mixed dal dosa, curd dosa, onion dosa, whole wheat dosa and ragi dosa recipes.

Siridhanya neer dose recipe

Preparation time: 5 hrs
Cooking time: 30 min
Serves: 3

Ingredients: (measuring cup used = 240ml)

  1. 1 cup millets or siridhanya
  2. 1/4 cup grated coconut
  3. 1/4 cup beaten rice
  4. Salt as per your taste
  5. 4 tsp refined oil or ghee.

Instructions for making siridhanya or millets neer dose:

  1. To make siridhanya or millets neer dosa first wash and soak the millets in water for at least 5-6 hours. I usually soak it overnight.
  2. Drain the water and grind it along with beaten rice (poha) and coconut using a mixer grinder until smooth. grind the millets for millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  3. The batter should be very smooth. Check the batter between 2 fingers and you should feel smooth. Transfer it to a container. smooth batter for millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  4. Add in salt and give a quick mix.salt for millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  5. Also add in required water to make the batter thin. The batter shall have thin watery consistency.watery batter for millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  6. Now take the cast iron pan (well seasoned) or non-stick pan. Keep the stove at high flame and wait till the pan becomes sizzling hot. Smear oil using a small onion or a carrot if it is an iron pan.smear oil for making millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  7. Before making each dosa, stir the batter very well with the ladle. To make millets neer dosa you have to pour the dosa batter on the hot pan and it will spread on its own. Jusi like ner dosa or rava dosa.making millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  8. Close the lid wait for about 10 seconds.close the lid while making millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose
  9. Open the lid, reduce the flame, wait for 5 more seconds. Take out the dosa from pan by using the flat spatula. Serve it hot with chutney or sambar.millets neer dosa or siridhanya neer dose making

Dear reader, We have a Kannada version of this recipe. Click here to read this recipe in Kannada.

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