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By Latha on June 25th, 2017

kashaya powder recipe

Kashaya powder or kashaya pudi recipe explained with step by step pictures. Learn how to make home made ayurvedic drink powder or herbal drink powder. This kashaya powder is prepared using 13 herbs and spices. This herbal drink powder is prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor and tastes very good.

All ingredients are sun dried and ground into fine powder to prepare tasty kashaya powder or kashaya pudi. But if you do not have access to sunlight then roast them under medium flame for few minutes. Kashaya powder is very healthy as compared to coffee or tea. Once you prepare kashaya powder, preparing kashaya is very easy. Boil Water along with jaggery, add the kashya powder and brew it for few minutes. Finally add in boiled milk to prepare tasty kashaya or kashayam.

This Kashaya powder ingredietns and quantity are given by a popular ayurvedic doctor. How ever if you can't get one or two ingredients, then leave them and prepare kashaya powder using rest of the ingredinets.

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Kashaya powder recipe

Preparation time: 1 day
Cooking time: 0 min
Serves: 1 kg

Ingredients: (measuring cup used = 240ml)

  1. 100gm coriander seeds
  2. 100gm cumin seeds
  3. 50gm fenugreek seeds
  4. 100gm green gram
  5. 20 cardamom
  6. 50gm fennel seeds
  7. 50gm dried ginger
  8. 100gm black pepper
  9. 100gm sugandhi
  10. 100gm ashwagandha
  11. 100gm negginamullu or Tribulus_terrestris
  12. 100gm jeshtamadhu or yashtimadhu
  13. 100gm turmeric root (optional)

Instructions for making kashaya powder or pudi:

  1. Take all the ingredients as per the measurement. Now we need to either sun dry them or roast them for a while under very low flame. You can see in this picture, sugandhi, ashwagandha, jeshtamadhu and dry ginger are kept under sun.herbs for kashaya powder or kashaya pudi
  2. In this picture negginamullu is kept under the sun.neggina mullu for kashaya powder or kashaya pudi
  3. And in this picture all other ingredients are kept under the sun.spices for kashaya powder or kashaya pudi
  4. Next crush the hard roots or herbs using a mortar and pestle. Or else it will be difficult to powder them.crushing hard roots for kashaya powder or kashaya pudi
  5. Next grind all the ingredients using a mixer grinder. Take a fine mesh sieve and sieve it. Grind the remaining particles and sieve it again.sieving kashaya powder or kashaya pudi
  6. Like this finish making kashaya powder. Give a quick mix. Wait until cool. And then store it in an airtight container.ground kashaya powder or kashaya pudi
  7. To prepare kashaya, first boil water along with jaggery. Next add in kashaya powder and boil it for few minutes. Finally after switching off the stove add in boiled milk and serve.

Dear reader, We have a Kannada version of this recipe. Click here to read this recipe in Kannada.

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